Water Born TV Episode 04. Behind-The-Scenes. Part 01.

 Take a glimpse into Episode 04 with Behind-The-Scenes Part 01. See what some of our shooting days were like in Maui. We shot all of episode 04 with GoPros. 

Waterborn/GoPro project

Very honored and excited to have worked with such an incedible group of individuals for the next episode of Waterborn.  EPISODE 4.  We were lucky enough to film in the beautiful waters of Maui, Hawaii.

Flying Kites in Big AK Mountains

Flying Kites in the Mountains of Alaska!

New Video Alaska "Big Jump"

 A massive jump Snowkiting in the mountains of Alaska. Big thanks to Jen Milton capturing it with a drone as well. 


 Party Wave - A Waterlust Short videoFun times in Peru with some great friends.