Water Born TV Episode 04. Behind-The-Scenes. Part 01.

 Take a glimpse into Episode 04 with Behind-The-Scenes Part 01. See what some of our shooting days were like in Maui. We shot all of episode 04 with GoPros. 


It feels good to be home I have been on the road for a while now non-stop! I have been catching up with emails and seeing the family.  I leave tomorrow to Miami for a NPX photo shoot.  The talk is we might head down to the Bahamas!After that I am off to Texas for a little gathering in South Padre Island to promote Cabrinha and our products. Then down to the Course Racing Nationals in Corpus Christi to try and defend my course racing title from last year.I will keep you up to date... Damo 


I am in Maui, Hawaii right now relaxing and enjoying my time here. It is always nice to come back here. We have been trying to get some new photo's with the crew at Cabrinha but the weather has been quite bad, so we have had some nice days of yoga and well just relaxing. The forecast looks like it is going to get clear tomorrow! lets keep our fingers crossed! Damo  Here are some photo's of my place and the local town Paia!!