Well it all comes to an end! Today we got up at 5am ready for a possible start at 7:30am.  The wind was a maybe but it was our last shot to make it happen!  Team NASSP or "Top Gun" was ready all our Cabrinha kites pumped up ready to fly!  The wind would give us a little show and then die and then come on again and drop.  As we all waited it just was not meant to be. They called it and well thats all she wrote! It was still a incredible showing with Melissa Gil walking away in her first speed event WORLD CHAMPION!  


Welcome to Team NASSP. Captain Rob Douglas, Rob's brother Jamie, Melissa Gil, coach Mike Gebhardt and myself make up the team! We call ourselves TOP GUN! We are in Port St. Louis, France doing our best in these challenging conditions fighting for podiums in the speed world title! Rob, aka "Maverick " or King Kong, dominated the field showing no mercy to the pack on the first round, struggled a little in the second round to put him in a strong 3rd overall after 2 rounds.  Melissa, aka "Charlie" is laying down runs that are just smoking the girls!