GoPro Road Trip

Two weeks on the road traveling with Professional athlete James McGrath. A glimpse at life on the road filmed with a GoPro.  

Water Born TV Episode 04. Behind-The-Scenes. Part 01.

 Take a glimpse into Episode 04 with Behind-The-Scenes Part 01. See what some of our shooting days were like in Maui. We shot all of episode 04 with GoPros. 

2015 Florida Cup/ Spring Kiteboarding Foil Regatta

  "2015 Florida Cup and Spring Kite Foil Regatta" May 15th-17th

Champion 2015 Miami Kite Masters

   "Honored to have taken the top spot in the 2015 Miami Kite Masters by winning both the Slalom and the Pro Freestyle event. The real winners were all the young guns and the up and coming kids on hand that really put on a show for the spectators. It really was lots of fun watching the future young kiter’s take the sport by storm." 

2015 Cabrinha Gulf Coast Demo Tour

 "2015 Cabrinha Gulf Coast Demo Tour" More info below: 

Waterborn/GoPro project

Very honored and excited to have worked with such an incedible group of individuals for the next episode of Waterborn.  EPISODE 4.  We were lucky enough to film in the beautiful waters of Maui, Hawaii.

Flying Kites in Big AK Mountains

Flying Kites in the Mountains of Alaska!