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All I can say is it was a battle from start to finish!!! 

We had a four day event with full on 30 plus knots almost everyday, the top racers from all over the world it was something to remember! Well to start where I left off I was sitting in fourth behind Sean Farley, Sky Solbach and Jesse Richman. On the third day it was a long day of five races in incredible winds everyone on 8 meters or 6 meters just getting tossed on the down wind legs!  I just kept as consistent as I could race by race and by the end I had managed to win two in a row and started to climb in the points. I have never in my life seen such incredible wipe outs in my life. I was wearing a GPS so I could see what I was doing speed wise and on the down wind leg we where averaging 29 knots and well not all off that was on your board, most of it was flipping head over heals as your board dives under a huge wave and you go over the handle bars at 30 knots. It was a day to remember!  By the end off the day I had so much sand in my eyes and ears and every other place it could get in, I was spent! I had a great day managing to climb my way up in to second!  

On the last day of racing winds looked like they might go full blast again. With a little bit of luck the Commodore said that we would just have 4 races!  It was going to be a battle.  There was 5 points separating second, third and fourth. Jesse Richman came on strong that day and was up for the battle Sky managed to have a bad race so dropped him back a few points making it hard for him to make the charge.  It came down to the last race as Jesse and I battled our way around the course, him in the lead then me, back to him, it was a race let me tell you....   I managed to hold him off and I ended up walking away with a second at the US Nationals!

 A great event and all the big thanks to my good friend Craig Hall for all the help at the event!!! Could have not done it with out you buddy! Thank you kindly!

 The final results!:


1st. Sean Farley 

2nd. Damien LeRoy

3rd. Jesse Richman 


1st. Sandy Parker

2nd. Melissa Gil

3rd. Kristin Boese

Here are some photos: