March 21st, 2012 0 comments

Marks a new stepstone on the way for kiteboarding to become part of the Olympic Sailing Competition and the ISAF Sailing World Cup. 18 riders from 10 nations and 4 continents will demonstrate from today on what kiteboarding is capable to do. An ISAF evaluation panel consisting of members of the ISAF windsurfing and kiteboarding committee, events committee and equipment committee will collect all data and present a report to the ISAF mid year meeting. The list of participants ready like the who is who of the international kite racing scene: both mens world champions - Johnny Heineken for course racing and Damien Leroy for Slalom - are present as well as womens course racing world champion Steph Bridge. The European Champions Julien Kerneur and Katja Roose are here as well as the freshly crowned Asian Champion Yo Pudla Narapichit. The list is completed by a wide variety of national champions.

Today was the first day of the evaluation and the weather was overcast and calm. There was not even a puff of wind to even try and make something happen.  It was a day of getting to know everyone! Learning the boats and different disciplines, which are being evaluated for the potential Olympic opportunity! The forecast looks good for the up coming week.  Damo