March 22nd, 2012 0 comments

Life is good another great day in Spain with Big winds and tons of racing.... I am so tired I am trying not to cramp just bending over “old no” I think it is my body reassuring me my muscles are still here. Today we ran though a ton of races and different formats, as all the kitesurfers were on the water for over 6 hours. It truly was a spectacular day learning and really fine tuning ideas that might help out the sport of Sailing, and give us the edge for maybe a chance at the Olympics. We tried things like jumping mid way through legs, Enduro racing, Slalom, and Gate courses throughout the day being evaluated by the ISAF panel. We then met back at the sailing center for debriefing.

I filmed all day with my Gopro giving them something to really hit the Internet with as they had asked for footage for the ISAF website. Can be big for us as a sport. I paid the price as my stick cam hit me in the mouth when I cartwheel in one race......All good it made it more exciting.  All the sailors are now talking to us and all want to try kitesurfing. They have randomly been coming over in there boats to watch us race it is real cool.  It is now time for some Advil, Tylenol, Ice, ace bandages and food.... Damo