February 24th, 2014 0 comments

What an incredible end to a great 4 days of racing in Puerto Rico.  It was perfect racing conditions most riders on 9-meter kites.  Steady wind about 15 to 20 knots and perfect blue skies.  The man to beat was Jon “loverboy” Modica.  Zack Marks up and comer was on fire today as he was pushing Jon and myself, at times he would be leading the pack! Local Willy Rodriguez was flying around the course always with blistering down wind legs.  Nick Leason was rocking the up wind legs but, as many other riders found out (the hard way), it’s game over if you fall!  Rich Gardner “The Legend” was finding his groove on the down wind legs.   Rich’s new tactic of buying a massive bag of M&M’s for Cabrinha teammate Andre Bacic (who we call “M&M” for good reason) seemed to be effective as Andre seemed a bit sluggish on the final day.  Cabrinha Rider Leif Christian Given tried some longer lines to help his down wind leg hoping it would pay off.  Kiko Dalmau the man that can do it all up at 6am setting the marks and working overtime to make sure the race is set perfect, then jumping on the kite to show us the proper way to race.  A true Legend in Sailing and inspiring for many!

As for myself all I needed was to win three more races!  First race I was in the lead final stretch caught my wing tip inverted my kite and ended up 3rd! Next race took the win but found out I was over the line just a hair early so DSQ! Last race took the win, this is why we love racing... I am honored and grateful to have raced with such wonderful people here in Puerto Rico.  To stand on the podium with one of my best friends is something even more special! Thank you to Bruno and the whole race committee for doing a incredible job! Kiko and his wife for all the hospitality and some incredible dinners. A big thanks to Lift Foils and MHLcustom as I would not be riding a foil if it was not for the heart of this wonderful company and family! Thanks to GoPro for always capturing the whole adventure.  I am so grateful for this wonderful experience.

Final Results:

1st. Jon Modica “Cabrinha kites, Custom Foil”

2nd Damien LeRoy “Cabrinha Kites, Lift Foil”

3rd Zack Marks “Cabrinha, Sword Foil"