May 7th, 2009 0 comments

Craig Hall, Melissa Gil, Phil Nelson and myself rocked the South Padre Island, Texas Kite Roundup for one of my dealers XL KITES.  The gang helped me represent Cabrinha in the best fashion possible I don't know what I would have done with out them. It was an excellent event for the public to come and try all the new gear from all the different Kite Companies! All in all it was a great windy event.  Phil had to fly out and Craig, Melissa and I drove to Corpus Christi for US Nationals in Course Racing. 

 The first day kicked off with epic windy 30 plus knots cranking down the beach!  All the best riders from all over the world put there crazy boards together and hit the water. I have never in my life seen such new changes in course racing gear!! The boards and kites are all changing so fast!!! My demo legs hit the water and well what can I say I had the kite in the water more than I was riding, my Jibe and tacks where like it was my first time trying them!!  Really I was a mess no joke I managed to win a race when I was not falling. They for sure are not joking here they ran five races and everyone was full on dead!  Coming out on top for that day was Shawn Farley, he is looking to me like the guy to beat for this event!  He came down ten days before and has been training everyday. Along the top is Sky Solbach and Jesse Richman and I am in forth with Chip Wasson right behind!

 Day two started today and the wind was on!  30 Plus again with nothing but all out course racing.  I started the first race testing a new fin set up and well that was not the choice let me tell you!  With a big 6th in that race that was not the start I was looking for.  As the day wore on I started to find my legs more and well my kite was not crashing in to the water like the day before even my jibe and tacks where coming back!  I ended up taking a third in the second race and then well it was a full on battle with Farley the next four races! I managed seconds in the last four but inches from some wins!!! I think I am on the come back!!!

End of day two Shawn is on top and it is a tie for second with Jesse Richman and Sky Solbach and I am a point behind in fourth!!!! 

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 Here are some photo's!! Stay tuned for more!