March 24th, 2012 0 comments

As we walked down to the sailing center at about 8:30am for the morning meeting, the temperature outside was like I was back home in Florida! Blue skies and incredibly warm, A beautiful day! We sat down and spent a few hours in the meeting room talking about new course ideas and fine-tuning courses we had tried.  Narrowing it down to three great courses. As the day was looking like there would be no wind we had a gear presentation at the sailing center for everyone to see and ask questions.

After lunch most of the boat classes headed out as the wind was blowing 6 knots.  Mainly to put a show on for the president of ISAF who had just flew in to see the whole event. A few riders and our incredible kite crew of ISAF guys and IKA people got together and we went out to ride with the group of sailboats. It was quite an honor for me as I sat down on the boat with the president.

I explained our equipment in Kitesurfing, talked about racing and tackticks and shared my passion and love for our sport.  A remarkable experience for me and a few other riders to have such a incredible experience. We raced a few fun races and headed home.  I cannot tell you how great of a day this was for our sport and for myself.  I am honored to have had this opportunity.  Thank you to all the IKA guys, Gebi, Marcus, Bruno, everyone for making this happen. All the ISAF evaluators and everyone who has been helping Thank you.   Lets see what happens now!  Damo