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"Florida to the Bahamas" The Gulf Stream challenge presented by Epic Adventures

On Saturday, December 16th 2017 history was made as Nick ZieglerRich Gardner and Damien LeRoy were the first to kiteboard though the Gulf Stream, crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Bimini, Bahamas by Hydrofoil.  An international adventure and challenge never done before on a foil. 
Conditions that day where questionable but the team was ready for action. A small cold front was passing through that day. The big question was when? Florida marine forecast showed winds of 10 to15 knots seas 1-2 feet.  At 12:24pm Nick hit the water winds of 5mph and well lets just say, keeping a kite in the sky was almost impossible. Nick, Rich & Damo all riding 15 meter Cabrinha Contra kites managed to get up on foil. Everyone questions whether they would make it 1 mile, yet alone 63 miles to the Bahamas. During the 4 plus hour adventure fighting body cramps, marginal winds, excessive winds, tankers, seaweed lines, and the ultimate wonder of what was lurking below. The three adventures hit land fall at 4:41pm at the beautiful beaches of Bimini Sands Resort. 
Rich Gardner age 56
 "I am getting to old for breaking Guinness records! I started cramping on the first dive of the kite!" 
Nick Ziegler Age 30
" Just wanted to prove that If you put your mind to something accompanied with pride, determination and hard work you can achieve anything." 
Damien LeRoy 36
" Time is so precious, live now as tomorrow may never come! Believe in yourself and anything will be possible.
Saturday, December 16th 2017
Leaving from: NE 16th street /  Pompano Beach, Florida  
Arrival: Bimini Sands Resort Marina /  Bimini, Bahamas 
Total time: 4:17min
Total miles: 63.4
Nick Ziegler
Rich Gardner
Damien LeRoy
Grace Gonzalez: Video Productions
Antonio Marques: Marketing, Drone 
David Daniels: Photographer
Chelsea Mercedes: Logistics Coordinator
Keith Willard: Captain
Mike Meskauskas: Transportation/GPS