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Day 1

2010 North American Continental Championships in Mexico! 

Well here are the results for the first day here in Mexico!!  It has been nothing short of a very crazy day of racing....Both Adam and I on the second race decided to take an extra lap and missed the finish giving us some much-added points considering we where leading. Melissa Gil is racing well as she is sitting in the lead after the first day. Kent Marinkovic has incredible angle but decided to take all his throw outs this day with mistake after mistake. Other than that we all had a tough day Bruno on his third race came in to switch kites and did not make it back to the start before they started, So he started a little late on that race. Most people just making some bad mistakes! As to the racing it is by far the best field ever put together in one place. I will keep you posted…….


                 OVERALL RESULTS 
 Name 123Total
1Adam KochUSA  27110
2Damien LeRoyUSA110213
3Johnny HeinekenUSA72413
4Bruno SrokaFRA51814
5Michael GebhartUSA34714
6Julien KerneurFRA45514
7Sean Farley GomezMEX93315
8Cameron BiehlUSA1081129
9Chip WassonUSA96DNF32
10Kent MarinkovicUSA11111032
11Andrew KochUSA1512633
12Steph BridgeGBR1491235
13Melissa GilUSA1313935
14Sandy ParkerUSA1214DNF43
15Donald ParkerUSA1415DNF46
16Rainbow MondsCANDNFDNFDNF51