October 29th, 2013 0 comments

Day 4 & 5 Races 4,5 and 6,7,8

We woke up knowing day 4 was going to be a big day with gusts over 40 knots from the SW.  Riders sailed 12 meter kites all the way down to 7’s.  The course was set deep and fast!  Race 4 and 5 saw the highest speeds of the event so far with a 50 knot average run by Bobby the Bullet “Rob Douglas”. In second the smallest rider “Little LeRoy” hit his all time fastest V max over 50 knots. In 3rd, another Douglas brother Morgan they call “Sully”, stayed in the 3rd spot. New speed rider Nico Parlier “The Kid” aka Le Garcon D’Arcachon hit his best V max on a speed board at over 52.5 knots.

Day 5 Races 6,7 and 8

A beautiful blue sky day with lighter winds and gusts of only 25 knots. Pristine conditions and butter smooth!  It was time for riders like Brian Kender “Kender the Contender” one of the top course racers in the world, to start his battle back to the podium in his first ever speed event.  Riders like Jamie Douglas third place for the day and fifth overall, birthday boy was on the hunt! SL boards once again proved to be dominant in the light conditions. Alex Caizergues, 3 time world champ stayed on his speed board the whole time looking for a perfect puff.

A big thanks to rider and main event sponsor Bill Lynch “Green Leader” for making all this possible. Not to mention the oldest rider in the competition laying down 40 knot runs!  Amazing!

Top 5 out of 6 spots on Cabrinha kites and Meanline fins!  All photos courtesy of Jana Halirova: