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The final day of the 2010 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo was a huge one! The day began with an early 25-30 knot El Norte Wind that wiped away all bad memories of the light wind earlier in the week. Unfortunately, the 2-mile SUP race was scheduled to happen this morning, and the racers were forced to slog their way upwind in extreme conditions. The finishers claimed that the 2-mile race was more difficult than the 12 mile island crossing! Pam Young was the only woman to finish the course after 1 hour and 45 minutes on the water!

Next on the agenda was the Kiteboarding Course Racing, which gave the spectators on the beach quite a show with all 25 competitors crowding the line at the starts. All-around good guy Damien LeRoy proved himself to be the fastest of the men while Cynthia Brown came out on top for the women.

After a few windsurfing course races, the kiteboarding Big Air/Old School Competition went off, with the crowd erupting with every huge jump. Unfortunately, the wind began to shut off during the finals, but Shawn Richman was still able to throw down to take home the title.

Afterward, the awards ceremony was held on the beach, and the Mayor of La Ventana was presented a check for over $18,000 that represents the money raised for the local community by this event. The night was capped off by La Ventana’s favorite local band LOS CULPABLES, which features the Mayor. The event after party was at Pablos, and it was Tequila Extremos for all!


1)Damian Leroy – $500
2)Sean Farley
3)Shawn Richman

 BIG AIR / Old Skool ContestMen
1)Shawn Richman $300 USD
2)Damian Leroy
3)Sean Farley

1) Sean Farley – Mexican World Champ of Course Racing- $1000 USD
2) Shawn Richman – Maui, Hawaii
3) Damian Leroy – Florida


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