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  "Honored to have taken the top spot in the 2015 Miami Kite Masters by winning both the Slalom and the Pro Freestyle event. The real winners were all the young guns and the up and coming kids on hand that really put on a show for the spectators. It really was lots of fun watching the future young kiter’s take the sport by storm."



Competitors from all over traveled to the 11th annual Kite Masters and experienced  some of the best conditions Miami, Florida has to offer. It was a perfect day with winds averaging around 16 knots blessed with beautiful blue skies.  Riders Like Hope Levin from the Turks & Caicos Islands was on hand with an incredible showing as she cleaned up for the women.  She won the women’s slalom race and the women’s pro freestyle.

  In the Men’s pro division it was a blast from the past as riders like Jon Modica put on a twin tip for the first time in years. Billy Parker, Damien LeRoy and Drew Christianson had a great showdown in the finals and putting on a show for the crowd to see who could walk away the 2015 Kite Masters Champion.



The event belonged to the Jr. Division. The ages varied from 13 to 16 years of age. These kids were on another level pushing each other harder and harder in every heat. Cabrinha riders cleaned up with Joseph Prieto, Roman Rose and Jacob Olivier who took the top three spots. Not to mention the showing from riders like James McGrath, Andy Umana and Andre Basic who were on fire throughout the whole event.

A big thanks goes out to Neil Hutchison for organizing and running a great event. I need to mention and thank all the support from the volunteers on hand helping out all the athletes throughout the whole day. A special congratulations to all the parents who had athletes in the Jr. Division.  It was great fun watching the future potential stars of tomorrow.


 Mens Pro Freestle:

1st Damien LeRoy  “Cabrinha”

2nd Billy Parker

3rd Drew Christianson


Mens Jr Division Frestyle:

1st Joseph Prieto  “Cabrinha”

2nd Roman Rose  “Cabrinha”

3rd Jacob Olivier “Cabrinha”


Mens Pro Slalom:

1st Damien LeRoy “Cabrinha”

2nd Billy Parker

3rd Drew Christianson


Mens Jr. Division Slalom:

1st. Roman Rose “Cabrinha”

2nd Jacob Olivier “Cabrinha”

3rd Andre Basic “Cabrinha”


Women’s Freestyle Pro:

1st Hope Levin

2nd Melissa Gil “Cabrinha”


Women’s Slalom Pro:

1st Hope Levin



1st Enrique Gianello “Cabrinha”


Womens Jr. Division:

1st Karen Zarquera "Cabrinha"