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2010 Course Racing World Championships ends!!

Well it is all kind of surreal as I sit on a plane right now on my way back to Jupiter, Florida.  The biggest event ever in kite surf history just ended, The 2010 World Championships of Course racing has come to a close and I finished in second position.  I was so close but yet so far from being World Champion. As I sit and think about the past few days and ask myself the questions what if, or, if I only, it all comes to the same conclusion.  “Adam Koch Congratulations’!” I sit thinking I tried my best and he won.  I was honored to race with the best and even finish in the top ten.  I think of all the people who made this happen for me like my training partner and good friend Kent Marinkovick, A board builder and someone I look up to Alex Aguera for building the best boards on the planet and for giving me the opportunity to ride them.  Todd Greaux for the support and effort to help me have the time to go after something like this.  Rod Douglas and currently one of the fastest men on the planet for his motivation and strong will. Craig Hall for being a mentor and support for any problem that came up along the way.  Nick bauers and Gary Menk for throwing some added inserts into the boards so I don’t screw it up myself.  Josh Noe, and the NPX crew for making sure I was warm and comfortable.  Mike Raper and Pat Goodman for special bars and tech support.  Patrick Rynne for mental support and help in times of Protests!! Bill lynch for the support in knowing all dreams can come true. My girlfriend Melissa Gil for putting up with me as I focused on nothing but course racing. My Mother and Father for always believing in me that if you focus on something hard enough you can do anything.  My Brother for being someone I can look up to and strive to be like. He was always there for me along the way and will always be in anything I do. There are many more but thank you to all who have helped me make it this far. Damien

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