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Final results at the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Invitational

12 selected riders from around the world

0ne location: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts USA 

Prize Purse: $27,000

It was an incredible two weeks of racing with conditions ranging from 15 knots to 40 knots of wind. The top selected speed sailors from around the world gave it everything they had on the beautiful waters of Nantucket.  In the end it came down to Rob Douglas currently the world record holder and also the fastest man in the world at 55.65 knots taking home the gold. Then there was me, the Florida boy Damien, who was the littlest but I was persistent and battled it out everyday and after all the dust settled I ended up in second place with the second fastest time. In third place another Douglas brother Jamie who had some incredible results and rode very consistent the whole event.

The event, lasting two weeks, got in 10 races with a max top average speed of 50.193 knots over 250 meters wiith V max's over 53 knots. The evolution of speed is changing as some riders pushed slalom boards or a new brand of speed board called "Giant Speed" or "GS" to speeds averaging 44 knots in winds of 15 knots.A big thanks goes out to all the riders who flew in from around the world as well as the great race committee Robert Garrison, affectionally known as “Bear” Harding and Chris “The Mucht” Conrad, as well as the event sponsor and incredible competitor "Bill Lynch" for hosting such an incredible event. A big thanks goes to "The Black Dog" for supplying the riders with meals and world-class hospitality during the event.

Also a big thanks goes to Meanline Fins for the incredible trophies as well as having the top 4 competitors make it on the podiums. A big Thanks to my wonderful family and friends who are always supporting me in these endeavors!

So grateful for my sponsors: Cabrinha, GoPro, Oakley, Lynch, Meanline Fins, The Black Dog, NP, Runa, and Corner Five

Results and Photos Below: Photos curtesy of  Jana Halirova, David Williams and the GoPro Hero3+