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August 15th-17th will be a weekend to remember at Shelter Island Yacht Club as they became the first east coast sailing institution to support the newest and most progressive form of sailing yet– Kitefoiling, which is the addition of a hydrofoil to a kiteboard.

The first annual 2014 East Coast KiteFoil Championships was a sight to behold with 3 days of beautiful conditions and winds ranging from 10-20 knots.  14 competitors from 4 different countries hit the water displaying just how far sailing has evolved.  The kitefoilers reached speeds of up to 30 knots during the action-packed races. The age bracket of competitors ranged from 14 years old to 55 years old.   Former kiteboarding world champion Damien Leroy said that “Shelter Island was an ideal location for this type of event”.  Dozens of boats stopped by to watch the races in awe as the kitefoilers flew around the course going more then 3 times the speed of any other sailing craft on the water.

The races were incredibly tight with the top three racers within a point of each other in the end of the regatta, making every race fun to watch! Some standouts were Leif Given, Zack Marks, Damien LeRoy and Jon Modica all taking wins in some of the races. As well as two up and comers James Mcgrath and Jacob Olivier at the young age of 14 years old battling it out with some of the top foil racers in the country! Local kiteboarder, and event organizer, Jon Modica, said “he was extremely grateful to Shelter Island Yacht Club for supporting this new and alternative form of sailing”, he believes kiteboarding “will really help get more and more youth excited about sailing”.


  • 1st Place Jon Modica  
  • 2nd Place Damien LeRoy
  • 3rd Place Zack Marks
A big thanks goes out to the sponsors: Shelter Island Yacht Club, Cabrinha Kiteboarding, Delta Hydrofoils, and SKORD. Thanks to Photographer Manuel Olivier and GoPro for capturing the event as it unfolded.