March 30th, 2009 0 comments

Welcome to Team NASSP. Captain Rob Douglas, Rob's brother Jamie, Melissa Gil, coach Mike Gebhardt and myself make up the team! We call ourselves TOP GUN! We are in Port St. Louis, France doing our best in these challenging conditions fighting for podiums in the speed world title! Rob, aka "Maverick " or King Kong, dominated the field showing no mercy to the pack on the first round, struggled a little in the second round to put him in a strong 3rd overall after 2 rounds.  Melissa, aka "Charlie" is laying down runs that are just smoking the girls!  She is sitting on the top right now after two rounds!  Coach is yelling at me for eating cocoa puffs and is fully convinced that some poor diet choices are why my back went out! So I, aka "Iceman" is struggling to put socks on in the morning. Jamie, aka "Goose" is ripping a few mean riffs on his bag pip chanter on his down time and is just getting used to the way the course is running! It is just the start of an incredible week!

 Stay tuned for more! 

 All in all, the team is sitting in a strong position at this time and we are stoked to improve and push it....come on wind! 



After two rounds of racing yesterday, Alex Caizergues (FRA, F-One) and Melissa Gil (USA, Cabrinha) have taken the lead in this years speed world championship.

In total, 35 competitors registered for the first event of the season, and although the weather forecast is not brilliant for the upcoming days, there is hope for the weekend to bring more wind to allow for more racing.

The first heat of the competition was won by Rob Douglas (USA, Cabrinha), the first kiter that broke the speedsailing dominance of the windsurfers last year in Luderitz, and one of the three kiteboarders that made it over 50 knots. Heat two was then won by World Record Holder Alex Caizergues. Second in both legs was Sylvain Hoceini, ensuring him a second place in the overall ranking as well. Rob Douglas is in third overall, and US course racing star Damien Leroy (Cabrinha) on an excellent fourth place in his first speed competition. In fifth, local hero Sylvain Maurin (FRA, F-One).

In the womens fleet, newcomer Melissa Gil was able to defeat reigning world champion Charlotte Consorti (FRA, F-One), they are both tied in points but Melissa with a slightly better top speed. In third then reigning world record holder Sjoukje Bredenkamp (RSA, Naish).

Racing continues until Sunday, fifth of April, with daily racing from 10:00 hours.