The E-Foil from "Lift Foils"

 Has anyone dreamed of flying? Thanks to it is possible. A calm and modest life brings more happiness than a constant pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. “Albert Einstein” Lift Foils    

Will Smith "True Inspiration"

A special weekend sharing some time with Mr. 

Florida to Alaska in an RV called "BigFoot"

Sometimes in life you have to just go for it... Dream big and step outside your comfort zone:

"Florida to the Bahamas on a Kite"

"Florida to the Bahamas" The Gulf Stream challenge presented by Epic Adventures

Live a life of Purpose and Positivity!

Are you ready to live a life of purpose and positivity? Had a great time with "Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast" sharing some ways to better your life through what I have learned on my journey. Thank you Shelby Stanger for the opportunity to share. below is the podcast:  #happiness #inspire #purpose #love  

Surgery went well.

Wanted to give you an update. First off I can’t thank you all for so much love and support over the past few days. The five and a half hour surgery went very well and now it will just take some time to get back on my feet.

Always stay positive!

Tomorrow I go under the knife to have my femur rod taken out and another put in as my femur has not healed. We face challenges everyday but how we look at it can change our lives for the better. I can’t be more grateful for how well I have healed so far. This is just one more step to 100%. Life is a gift and I am thankful.

St. Mary's billboard "Thank you"

  I have a lot to be thankful for. I want to thank St. Mary's Medical Center​, The EMS, trauma team, nurses, family and friends, and my amazing doctor Rami Joseph Elkhechen​ for getting me to where I am now. My friends at Juvent Sports​ for their amazing machine, speeding up bone growth.